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The customer's home had a leak in the water supply line of the washer machine

This home experienced a flood due to a leak in the water supply line of the washer machine. The water flooded several rooms in the house, including the utility ... READ MORE

The customer's home experienced toilet tank overflow

SERVPRO arrived immediately to the scene after receiving an emergency phone call of a toilet tank overflow. There was a strong odor of mildew and water that fil... READ MORE

The customer experienced a leak in the water supply line inside of the fridge

Due to a leak in the water supply line inside of the fridge, this house experienced critical water damage throughout the home. SERVPRO was called to the scene t... READ MORE

The customer's pipe in their attic sprung a leak

One of our customers gave us a call after realizing a pipe in their attic sprung a leak. The leak caused severe damage on the ceiling of the bedroom. Our restor... READ MORE

The customer's toilet overflowed

SERVPRO received an urgent phone call regarding a toilet that overflowed. The heavily contaminated water affected the walls, floors and ceilings of the house le... READ MORE

The customer's water supply line to their toilet broke

In this home, the water supply line to the toilet broke causing flooding throughout the home. After our highly trained technicians inspected the entire home, th... READ MORE

Preschool in Houston, TX Water Damage

During the recent storms this preschool had some water come in through the doors. The street drains had backed up with debris and the water found its way into t... READ MORE

Flooded Commercial Building in Houston, TX

The floods in Texas are devastating and common. But this restaurant had never had a flood and the manager was very worried about the damage it had caused. We un... READ MORE

Supply Line Problems in Hilshire Village, TX

The supply line to ice maker of the fridge is the reason for this beautiful home being flooded on the ground floor. Supply lines are notorious for breaking and ... READ MORE

Broken Supply Line in Hilshire Village

Supply lines are the most common water damage calls we at SERVPRO of Town and Country receive. Whether it be from an ice maker, such as this case, or from a sin... READ MORE